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African Community Uk CIC
African Community UK is a community interest company dedicated to advancing the development of Africans and disadvantaged people in the UK. With our broad network of professionals, we provide a wide range of services, from coaching, advocacy, property development , skill development and mental well-being support.
Balby & Hexthorpe Community Engagement CIC
We work with the community to create a better community feeling. We support residents from social isolation to Antisocial Behaviour by putting on activities and events on to help reduce these issues in the area. Our Covid-19 Support hub has been supporting residents across the Doncaster Central Area with food parcels, health care and cleaning products, we also have a period poverty support hub to support anyone who maybe in need.
Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice
Bluebell Wood is a home from home for families facing the toughest of times. We support children and young adults whose lives are just too short, caring for them in their own homes and at our hospice in North Anston. From the smallest moments like seeing a child’s smile as they have fun with our Activity Coordinators in a sensory activity, to allowing exhausted parents their first full night’s sleep in months, Bluebell Wood is there for the whole family when they need it most.. Our care doesn’t stop at the doors of the hospice. We’re strengthening our Community care team and developing the services we provide to families in their own homes. None of this would be possible without the support of our supporters and volunteers, so a huge thank you to you all. There’s also plenty of fun activities for children to try, including soft play, arts and crafts, music therapy and much more. We believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together. Every day, we need to raise almost £14,000 to keep our doors open, with around 15% of our funding is from the government. Everything else is paid for by our wonderful supporters. We really couldn't do it without you.
Doncaster Chamber
Since 1941, Doncaster Chamber has been delivering for the business community of Doncaster. Now it’s a modern, vibrant organisation headed by the network’s youngest CEO with a diverse and highly skilled team of individuals committed to its shared vision and values. We work on our members' behalf to lobby local and national government about the key issues affecting Doncaster's business community. We give our members a voice to make South Yorkshire's private sector ever more influential.
Empowered in Nature CIC
We offer eco therapeutic workshops in outdoor green spaces in the Doncaster area. We comprise a Forest Skills Practitioner, Counsellor and Life Coach and we bring together our specialisms in a unique combination of supportive talking therapies and practical outdoor skills within a Workshop setting - predominantly based outside in all seasons. Our aim is to offer an alternative pathway to good mental health and wellbeing and we work with nature as our medium whilst offering opportunities to learn new, outdoor skills around a campfire in a natural surroundings. Working with Health professionals, special groups, Corporate Wellbeing managers and across all aspects of the public and private sector, we are funded by a combination of Grants and Private income, the latter offering a 'Pay it Forward' opportunity to procurers allowing us to deliver workshops to the most disadvantaged in society.
Higher Rhythm Ltd
Higher Rhythm Ltd is a not-for-profit Music and Media Organisation based in South Yorkshire, established in 2001 We provide music & media industry services and opportunities across the Yorkshire region including two recording studios, a licensed radio station (Sine FM), a record label (Circuit Records), digital distribution, events promotion, artist development programmes, enterprise support, courses (including national & higher national diplomas) and volunteering opportunities. Higher Rhythm is unique regionally, providing the entire music and radio industries in one place which offers a hub of opportunities that people can easily access to develop their knowledge, practice or careers. Place shouldn’t be a barrier to the music or media industries, and we aim to level the playing-field by assuring our opportunities are accessible to, and representative of the Yorkshire region’s communities, engaging people who live in towns and villages, as well as the cultural industry hot-spots of cities. Higher Rhythm also delivers a range of projects, working with local, national and international partners / funding bodies, to increase participation in the activities we provide and widen access to the music and media industries. See our organisation websites:
Regather Limited
The existing food system is working against the notions of resilience, sustainability and fairness and puts those who are most vulnerable to market failure at the most risk. Therefore Regather does not identify a specific disadvantaged group, but seeks to make the local food system more resilient, sustainable and fair for all, including those most in need. In our local community too many food system interventions focus on redistribution of surplus or donated food from supermarkets and convenience food retailers. Most of these foodstuffs are high fat, salt or sugar foods and limited quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables are offered. These interventions offer immediate access to food, but do not address (and can negatively reinforce) poor health caused by diet, and offer limited secondary local economic benefit. In contrast Regather's focus on food production, rather than food redistribution, can connect flows of locally and regionally produced fresh fruit and vegetables with health and social care interventions, which in turn can change food buying, cooking and eating habits and positively address issues relating to poor health caused by diet. The financial transactions involved in producing, processing, buying and selling local and regional food enables a more productive landscape and opportunities for direct economic benefit to be created. Local people getting involved in this food production, either on a voluntary or paid basis, are able to access proven health benefits from spending time outdoors engaged in nature and physical activity. In situations where this food can be produced to ecological or certified organic standards there is potential for significant environmental benefits such as improved soil health, insect health, wildlife conservation and local biodiversity.
Research ALK +ve
We are a new Doncaster based charity dedicated to raising money for research into ALK positive lung cancer. Lung cancer is shockingly underfunded relative to most cancers, as there is the misconception that lung cancer is caused by smoking, so somehow sufferers deserve it, making it an unpopular cancer charity to donate to. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is relatively common, but around 5% of people diagnosed with NSCLC are ALK positive. ALK positive lung cancer is on the increase world-wide typically affecting younger, female, non-smokers. Lung cancer kills more people than breast, bowel and prostrate combined yet receives the least Government funding for research, which is why public fundraising is essential.
Skill Step Training
Skill Step Training was founded in order to support our learners in gaining the skills, knowledge, behaviours and qualifications needed for a successful career and life. We want to play our part in supporting our local economy by ensuring that young people are equipped to access employment, training or higher education and by enabling more people to learn throughout their lives providing them with the skills to access work or to progress within their career. We are passionate about providing training and changing people’s lives. We work collaboratively with our partners to design and deliver training programmes appropriate to our employers, learners and local labour market. We pride our self on delivering an outstanding service to our employers and learners. We believe that partnership and collaboration is key in providing efficient, tailored and quality training which meet the needs of our learners, employers and the local community.
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