Social Enterprises are more resilient

The research report, No Going Back, released by Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), found that social enterprises were more likely to report higher turnover and less likely to have lost money during the crisis compared with small private sector firms.

The report also says that a record number of social enterprises were set up last year – 12,000 – and estimates that the sector is worth £60bn to the UK economy.

SEUK said that the success of social enterprise offered a “roadmap for our future”.

The report said: “Social enterprises are more optimistic about growth, more likely to be planning to hire staff, and more likely to be creating new products and services than the rest of business – and particularly likely to be achieving growth in the most deprived parts of the country.

“Compared to the rest of business, social enterprises have proved remarkably resilient throughout the crisis, with 44% reporting increased turnover and 35% reporting decreased turnover (compared to an 18% increase and 56% decrease for the rest of business).”

Read the full article here: Social enterprises more resilient than small business last year, report says (


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