Frequently Asked Questions

Commons phrases you’ll see on the site

What does being a supplier mean?

Typically Supplier means to supply a service or product to a Buyer. A shop selling apples is a supplier and the customer is the buyer. With regards to the CWB website, being a Supplier means you are a Social Enterprise wishing to supply a product or service to a local Buyer from the Sheffield City Region.

I don’t think I am ready to be a supplier yet

You don’t have to be a supplier, you can use the CWB website to connect with other social enterprises and access the Help and Resources. In your Supplier profile you can uncheck make my profile visible if you do not want to be contacted by Buyers. Once you feel you are in position to actively look for contract opportunities and or connect with Buyers then just tick the box so that you are visible.

What does being a Buyer mean?

A buyer typically means the person or company that buys the product or service. As with the example above the Buyer is the person purchasing the apples. Similarly, a company can Buy in a service for example Doncaster Council contracts (or buys) a cleaning service for each of their office spaces.

Can I be registered as a Buyer and a Supplier?

Yes, in some instances it is appropriate for an organisation to register as both. An organisation may want be considered as a Supplier of certain services, but then also have some potential contracts that they can advertise for other organisations to supply.

What is a contract opportunity

The contract opportunities page advertises current opportunities which companies need suppliers for. A contract is a formal agreement between two or more parties which outlines what service is needed and any rules or clauses that may affect either party. This should be agreed and signed by all those involved with the length of contract clearly defined.


What does Community Wealth Building mean? And how can I benefit

Community Wealth Building is an approach to local economic development. By supporting social enterprises to grow and develop, and create more sustainable income streams wealth can be distributed more fairly and benefit our local communities. Watch our explanation animation which may help to clarify.

How do I contact an organisation with questions about a contract opportunity?

If you click on the contract opportunity you are interested, on the Notice Summary page next to Notice URL there will be a link to view the full tender opportunity. This will take you to a Third Party site.

You can also posts questions in Connect to reach out to Buyers and other Suppliers.

I want to collaborate locally how do I do this?

If you see a contract opportunity you are interested in and want to see if any of the other registered Suppliers would like to collaborate, you can copy and paste the link to the opportunity directly into the connect chat function. Click share, then copy and paste into a new conversation.

You can also use our social media platforms to connect with other suppliers.

What does Supplier Search mean?

Search for a specific Supplier by typing key words into the search bar e.g. Doncaster Council or browse the list of registered Suppliers.

How can upload my pipeline opportunities?

Registered Buyers can upload a list of upcoming opportunities in the Control Panel.

How can look at upcoming contract opportunities?

Upcoming or ‘pipeline’ opportunities can be viewed in your control panel. You should be able to see a tile tilted View/Download Pipeline Opportunities. Buyers registered on the website can upload upcoming contract opportunities which will be displayed here for Suppliers to download.

Why can’t I reply to a conversation?

The owner of the conversation has the option to lock conversation when they no longer wish to receive replies. You can also look up other suppliers using the Supplier Search page and to view contact details.

Why does the webinar section take me to a different site?

The webinars are hosted by GoToWebinar therefore you need to access them via this Third Party site.

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