Caged Steel Martial Arts

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Caged Steel Martial Arts
Social Enterprise 
Sports training and events  
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Phone: 01302 965042


Caged Steel’s dedicated and qualified coaches provide training in schools during P.E lessons and extra-curricular activities. Each lesson is informative and fun packed, giving students between the ages of 7 and 9 a way to get physically active and make connections with their peers.

These skills help children to succeed in life, giving them the ability to self-manage, to communicate effectively and to work well with others. Our programme also raises awareness and supports three major areas of National concern: mental Health, obesity and bullying.

We have witnessed fantastic developments in respect, dedication, attention, discipline, confidence and attitude from the children we’ve worked with.

In a period where some children have been isolated with a lack of social interaction due to national lockdown, we have been able to build morale and break some of those uncomfortable barriers for children. 

In the future we hope to be able to get back to delivering sessions face to face when schools reopen and expand our offering as we recover from the pandemic. 



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