Balby and Hexthorpe CIC

Company Name
Balby and Hexthorpe Community Engagement Team 
Community Interest


Community Support

Contact Details
Phone: 07999722097


We are a community interest company that provides support and advice to the local community. We are committed to make a difference within the community and support the most vulnerable residents. We put on activities and events for all ages to bring the community together and reduce the social isolation with the community.

We normally deal with anti-social behaviour and social isolation at all ages. Since COVID hit, we’ve delivered food banks, period poverty support for young women, and so much more. We’ve supported more than 9,000 people throughout the pandemic. People are referred from community organisations such as the local council, St. Leger Homes, Police, doctors or schools.

We have attended lots of Community Wealth Builder online workshops and networking sessions, which have been helpful. We use lots of the information and still attend these sessions regularly.

In the future, we plan to cover a wider area – the whole of Doncaster. We will be creating events that respond to community needs, giving lots of free advice and providing online training via Doncaster College. This training will allow people on courses to do the additional hours of training they need to pass their courses. This is training that people haven’t been able to access due to COVID restrictions, so we are solving a huge problem locally by offering this.



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