The Five Fundamentals of Social Media (10th Dec)

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10/12/2021, 09:30

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Please note this workshop is for people who are looking to start up or already run a Social Enterprise, CIC, Community Group or Charity in the Sheffield City Region and is delivered under the Community Wealth Builder (CWB) programme. 
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Social media is the most powerful tool for your organisation. In this digital age, more and more social enterprises are heading to social media to market themselves.

Social media will help you to raise brand awareness, manage your organisations reputation and gain new customers. Whatever your goals may be, social media will help you to achieve them whilst simultaneously making your enterprise stronger in the process.

That being said, getting to grips with it can be tricky. Algorithms and analytics can seem overwhelming and often leaves many unsure of what it is that they should be posting. 
This is why Be More Social CEO, Rik Courtney, came up with the Five Fundamentals’. 
The purpose of the ‘Five Fundamentals’ is to act as a guide when going online. They will help you to figure out what you should be focusing on and the type of content you should be posting across your socials.

What's in it for me?
By attending this 2 hour workshop, Rik will take you through the Five Fundamental must-do strategies for using the platforms holistically and effectively. You’ll gain tips and tricks of the trade and you will understand the art, science and psychology behind creating the perfect posting strategy.

Ultimately this workshop will teach you how to understand social media in order to get more leads, educate you on the platforms so that your profiles are business ready, and inspire you to take action to find customers online.

Who's eligable to attend?
Social enterprises, Charities, CICs and community groups who would like to increase their brand awareness on social media


N.B.This workshop will be held over Zoom and you will receive login details closer to the date

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